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1.03 R04

  • Fix new menu not resetting the video mode properly for some games (Night Creatures, Out Live, Gekisha Boy)
  • Fix Steam Hearts and Doraemon: Nobita's Dorabian Nights not working properly with seek time on
  • Added back listing of games with .SGX extension

1.03 R03

  • New Menu UI and button layout
  • Add support for seek time emulation (enable it in options menu). This fixes glitches in some games, but also you will have pauses when switching audio tracks like in real hardware.
  • Mono mix option, it will output the mixed audio through both channels so all sounds can be heard if fed back to the console through the expansion connector.
  • Fix some japanese games not detecting the proper system card when loaded with a Turbografx (US) bios
  • Support per-game bios by placing the bios in the same folder than the CD cue and bin files.
  • Directory cache. The first time you load a directory, it will be the same speed, but next ones will be instant, as data is cached. Cache is rebuilt when adding games, in case you need to rebuild manually, enter the directory you want to rebuild pressing the RUN button instead of I/II.

1.02 R05

Miscellaneous improvements and tweaks

In order to update the firmware, place the downloaded .upd file in the root of your SD card, insert the card in the SSDS3 and boot to the menu. If the firmware is correct, and newer than the current firmware version, a screen appear asking if you want to update the firmware. Once you choose to update the firmware, the led in the SSDS3 will blink for some time while the firmware is verified once again and updated, and will reboot when finished. Go to the options menu and check that the version has been updated and you are now in the latest firmware.

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