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1.01 R05

  • Fix extra column of pixels to the right in some SGX games
  • Fix filesystem corruption when changing palettes and bios quickly
  • Fix color table not reverting if exiting the palette menu using the Back option
  • Fine tune ADPCM frequency and filter to more closely match original hardware

1.01 R04

  • Fix Hucard dumper not working
  • Improve compatibility of the alternate cdrom program
  • Reworked audio. Now audio output is closer to original output. Filters have been added to PCE and ADPCM audio. Custom filters can be added by using configuration files.
  • RGB volume output has been increased

1.00 R06

  • Fix failure to boot with a HuCard in the cart slot.
  • Increase volume output. It's not recommended to use volume values over 80 now, as they might cause audio clipping.
  • Add an alternate CDROM simulation program for uses having troubles (graphic glitches, cd games not booting,...) with the default one. It's in the options menu.
  • Improve CD games soft-reset combo. Sometimes games were missing first audio commands when doing a soft-reset.
  • Fix multiple selected palettes showing sometimes in the palette selection screen.

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