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  • The Multi Optical Disc Emulator (MODE) is an all-in-one device that allows users to experience the full range of Sony's Playstation software. It simulates all aspects of the CD hardware.

Firmware can be downloaded here Please note that you need to register your device. If firmware is not present after registering, your device was shipped with the most recent firmware already installed. (Current Firmware is 1.05 R02)

Manual is located here


  • Any storage size MicroSD card should work as long as it is FAT32 or ExFAT formatted. TerraOnion generally recommends avoiding Samsung branded cards as they have been known to cause issues on their devices. Sandisk is the preferred manufacturer.
  • HDD/SSD must be 7mm height or thinner.
  • HDD/SSD 2TB or below should be formatted as exFAT with default allocation, MBR, and set as the primary partition. Multiple partitions are not supported.
  • HDD/SSD >2TB should be formatted as exFAT with default allocation, GPT, and set as the primary partition. Multiple partitions are not supported.
  • CD games must be in their own folders. The folder name dictates the name that is displayed in the MODE menu for CD games. Nested folders are fully supported.
  • It is recommended that multi-disc games have all of the disc images in the same folder. This allows the auto-queue function to load all the discs automatically.
  • REQUIRES soldering a QSB (Quick Solder Board) to the mainboard of the PSX. Also requires lifting pins on the CD Controller chip.


  • There is no in game reset function on the PSX. As such you will need to power on and off your system to return to menu
  • MODE will automatically patch game regions. This will allow Japanese consoles to boot US and EU images and vice versa.
  • Changing discs is performed by opening and closing the PSX lid. Alternatively, PS1Digital users can enable disc switching via the PS1Digital menu.

Game Compatibility & Known Issues

  • PSX MODE is only compatible with PU-18 motherboards. Most commonly found in SCPH-550X models.
  • There is currently no in game reset available. This is a PSX limitation.
  • SBI files provided by Redump can be used to assist in running Libcrypt games. Simply create a folder called SBI on the root of any storage device and extract the files downloaded from the Redump resource into the SBI folder. MODE will check all attached storage devices and use the first one detected.

Tips & Tricks

  • To reach the BIOS menu, open the lid and power on the console. Alternatively open the lid when a game is loaded and press reset. You will need to turn off the lid disable feature in the MODE menu if it is on.
  • PS1Digital can perform disc swaps for multi-disc games from its in-game menu. Instructions on how to do so here.