NeoSD Pro CD Setup Guide

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The NeoSD Pro cartridge for your AES or MVS system supports around 50 CD games. This support was implemented by Razoola of Unibios fame.

Per Razoola about CD image compatibility:

Do not make CD images that use WAV files or MP3s to save space or you will likely experience audio issues. Only Use CD images that consist of CCD / CUE / IMG / BIN / SUB files. This may change in the future.

The following guide was originally published to our now retired forum by yoshi41.

Download the necessary support files from the download page


It contains the required *.neo files for the CD images.

Copy the *.neo and CD image files to the root directory of the SD card.


The name of the directory with CD image files (cue/iso/wav) must be the same as the *.neo file.

For example, "Crossed Swords II" requires the "cswords2.neo" file and a directory named "cswords2" with the CD image files.

The Neo Geo CD games show up in the NeoSD Pro games list with a "(CD)" suffix

For example, it will be listed as "Crossed Swords II (CD)".