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Firmware 1.05 R07

  • Fix save states not working in some consoles
  • Fix several mappers broken in last firmware (SSF2, Phantasy Star IV, S&K,...)
  • Add support for Sega Channel Revival V3 ROM

Firmware 1.05 R06

  • 32X+ games support (games using digital CDDA tracks from CUE files). Commands are allowed from normal area and from 32x banked area (not from SH2 areas). Several restrictions apply, mainly regarding RV bit handling, so check Doom 32X resurrection ( source as an example
  • Fix several issues when using SSF2 mapper on a 32X game
  • Add a command to query the amount of tracks in a cue in MD+
  • Fix College Football 96 not working properly due to lack of save header

Firmware 1.05 R04

  • Fix forced region options not working
  • Update Demons of Asteborg header check so it works even with SSF header
  • Fix long standing bug where Pier Solar + CD soundtrack didn't use the enhanced soundtrack when loading from game list, but worked when using Load Last Game
  • Fix Demons of Asteborg stability in some 32x combinations
  • Fix World Series Baseball and Triple Play not using the proper SRAM mapper

Firmware 1.05 R02

  • Add support for Demons of Asteborg
  • Add 100 more extra save slots
  • Faster ROM loading (around 3x faster)
  • Save preview pressing button C when over a save slot. Press B to return
  • Add forced region patching mode (recheck your settings, they might have been reset to Off). Previous firmware method applies when set to Auto
  • Update Master System YM2413 instruments with the dumped instrument ROM
  • Add support for Sonic Delta
  • Improve Sega Master System game detection by game ID, it will help supporting save ram for translations
  • Fix some games having incorrect sound when RAM cheats are used
  • Fix Sonic & Knuckles not booting as standalone
  • Fix Robo Aleste not booting
  • Fix Might and Magic 3 not saving
  • Fix Star Trek TNG: Echoes from the Past crashing if trying to load a game without any saved game
  • Fix Phantasy Star 1 "Complete" translation not saving
  • Fix NHL '96 not saving

Firmware 1.04 R09

  • Fix incorrect seek time applied to some games
  • Fix incorrect save RAM size when using bios replacement mode and no previous srm file was stored
  • Fix incorrect conversion from Cart RAM to Cart + Internal RAM
  • Fix .SMD ROM format loader that was broken since 1.00
  • Add forced seek time to Robo Aleste/Denin aleste

Firmware 1.04 R07

  • Directory cache. The first time you enter a folder, MegaSD will build a cache of files, directories and types, so the next accesses to that folder are instant load. The folder contents will be rescanned when a new file or directory is added. To force a rescan, enter the folder by pressing START instead of A.
  • Create save ram backups, so if a write fails or the data is corrupted, the backup will be loaded next boot.
  • Add Wondermega/X'Eye audio effects (Left only, Right only, Voice cancel). Only available when using the wondermega/x'eye bios cd player.
  • Add a mapper to support Game no kandume.
  • Support 4MB SMS Roms.
  • Double the size of available space for the CD RAM Cartridge. Note that if you already have files stored in your CD RAM, the space won't be increased. You must either delete your SRM file entirely from the BUP folder, or just delete all files from your CD RAM Cart in the bios memory manager. When there are no files, the space will be automatically doubled.
  • Wraparound in the game list. Only wraps if buttons are released and pressed again when reaching the first or last page. It won't wrap if reaching the pages by holding a button.
  • Add an option to remember the last selected game and directory when returning to game list.
  • Add a MD+ command to support arbitrary specification of sector start, end and loop points to play CD Audio, instead of specifying a track.
  • Add MD+ CD audio fade commands.
  • Add MD+ command to play .WAV files.
  • Add MD+ command to load files from the SD card directly to ROM area.
  • Add MD+ command to read SD card directories.
  • Allow specification of MD+ loop points in cue files. They override the loop data specified in commands.
  • Improve SMS FM to fix sound problems in Phantasy Star
  • Fix Megarace CD game missing sounds.
  • Fix Megaman (US) showing in-game menu after sega logo.
  • Fix Sonic & Knuckles (without locked on cart) booting to the "No Way" screen.
  • Fix NHL98 and other EA '98 megadrive games SRAM not working due to missing backup RAM header.
  • Fix Compton's encyclopedia hanging at the end of some videos.
  • Fix Kriss Kross (US) audio stuttering.
  • Fix some japanese Wolfteam games that didn't boot with graphics speedup off.
  • Fix Snatcher incorrect graphics showing in a specific scene due to the reported CD read position being off by 1 sector.


Place the firmware file in the SDCard and boot MegaSD. After the MegaSD splash, a message will pop up notifying a new software update is available. Press A button to update or B button to continue to the menu. While updating DON'T TURN YOUR CONSOLE OFF. It will take some time depending on the systems needing update (up to 1 minute), you'll see progress bars to ensure it's working properly.