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The Sega Saturn has two In-Game reset options in the MODE menu.:

  • Return to MODE - When you trigger the reset, the Saturn automatically boots back to the MODE menu - This option only works if the "Fast Boot" option is also enabled.
  • Return to CD->MODE - When you trigger this, the Saturn returns to the CD loading screen first, then you can hit start application to return to MODE

To trigger an In-Game Reset use use A+B+C+Start. This typically first resets you to the title screen, a 2nd reset will return you to the option selected above. Both involve injecting code into the reset function so compatibility with certain games may break. Whenever possible TerraOnion hard-codes these games to the optimal version. Using Return to MODE as your default offers the greatest compatibility.

If you are using an Action replay / PSkai and intend to use cheats, you will have to disable fast boot from the MODE options for the cheats to initialize.

Hard Coded Resets

These games will Return you to the CD Player instead of directly to MODE due to coding in the game that causes them to not support direct return to mode.

  • Blackfire - Return to CD->MODE
  • Contra: Legacy of War - Return to CD->MODE
  • Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition: Netlink - Return to CD->MODE
  • Doom - Return to CD->MODE
  • Duke Nukem- Return to CD->MODE
  • Keriotosse - Return to CD->MODE
  • Panzer Dragoon Saga - Return to CD->MODE
  • Panzer Dragoon Zwei - Return to CD->MODE
  • Primal Rage - Return to CD->MODE
  • Romance of Three Kingdoms IV - Return to CD->MODE
  • Saturn Bomberman - Return to CD->MODE
  • Sega Rally Championship Netlink - Return to CD->MODE
  • Slam n' Jam 96 - Return to CD->MODE
  • Taito Chase HQ & SCI - Return to CD->MODE
  • Tunnel B1 / Finalist - Return to CD->MODE
  • Virtual-On Netlink Edition - Return to CD->MODE

Games that do not support Return to CD->MODE (use Direct to MODE w/ Fastboot instead)

  • Alien Trilogy
  • Destruction Derby
  • Discworld II: Missing Presumed...?!
  • Scud: The Disposable Assassin (no fast boot or reset works)
  • Terry Pratchett's Discworld
  • Warcraft II (no fast boot or reset works)
  • WipeOut


The Dreamcast MODE has a option "Soft Reset to Menu". Turn this on to enable a return to MODE menu after hitting A+B+X+Y+Start within a game. Please note that you have to usually perform this twice; once to return to the game title menu and another time to return to MODE. It is recommended that if you have a DCDigital installed with the optional disc swap wiring feature, that you disable the Soft reset to Menu option in MODE as it interferes with the disc swap. This should pose no loss in functionality as the DCDigital reset will still reliably return you to the MODE menu.


Unfortunately the PS1 does not have a build in soft reset functionality onto which MODE can insert code. This functionality does exist when using a PS1Digital, however.

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